State Farm Arena and Mercedes-Benz Stadium to host early voting for Jan. 5 runoff

After the success of early voting at State Farm Arena, Fulton County will open the venue once again for the Jan. 5 runoff along with its next door neighbor, Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

With the NFL season already underway and the NBA season set to begin Dec. 11, the venues will jointly host early voting at State Farm Arena from Dec 14 – 19, then at Mercedes Benz Stadium from Dec. 22 to 30.  The transition between the two facilities will take place on Dec. 21. No voting will take place on December 24 and 25.  Early voting operations will be staffed by workers from both venues and Fulton County Registration & Elections.

“This partnership is a testament to the commitment of the leadership of our professional sports teams in Fulton County,” said Chairman Robb Pitts. “More than 40,000 voters cast their ballots at State Farm Arena…now our residents have a chance to visit another world-class facility right here in our community.”

 Additional details about voting logistics will be provided soon, according to Fulton election officials.