VIDEO: Atlanta Police Department stepping up patrols and arrests to stop street racing

The Atlanta Police Department has released a video announcing it will be increasing efforts to stop illegal street racing in the city.

The video was accompanied by a statement echoing the words of Officer Steve Avery, who appears in the video. Here is the complete statement:

“The City of Atlanta is seeing a disturbing trend in people laying drag in various communities. Since January, APD has arrested/cited 459 violators related to street racing. APD, in conjunction with the Georgia State Patrol, will be stepping up patrols, making arrests and enforcing fines, as allowed by law. Additionally, if you are arrested for laying drag, your vehicle may also be impounded.

Officer Steve Avery encourages the public to dial 9-1-1 to report street racing so officers can investigate and the incident can be documented. Together we can restore calm to our neighborhoods, reduce crime, and keep our city safe.”

While street racing is not a new phenomenon in Atlanta, the number of incidents has increased since the pandemic cleared roads and interstates. Residents across the city – from Buckhead to Old Fourth Ward – have complained about street racing, while a recent APD traffic stop led to the arrest of a murder suspect.


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  1. street racing in midtown/Atlanta is completely out of control. Initial little enforcement of the law has created a sense of complacency on all sides and it’s a constant nuisance for all tax payers plus very dangerous because the participants are showing disregard for not only residents but the law. Those loud mufflers should be illegal, cars confiscated and increase in fines should be enforced. Calling 3 or 4 times 911 EVERY night is doing little to alleviate the problem.

    We should be seeing reports showing daily arrests and impounds until this situation is under control. We expect more and better from our leaders and law enforcement.

    A very frustrated city of Atlanta resident that needs to be able to sleep to be able to contribute to the economy and support city of Atlanta’s very high taxes. Living in the city of Atlanta is not longer a privilege, it is a nuisance.

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