FeedATL offering at-home dining experiences from top restaurants

Courtesy FeedATL

In the midst of a global pandemic, top Atlanta restaurants and pop-ups have found a new way to engage their communities and find additional revenue streams: at-home food experiences.

They’ve partnered with local startup FeedATL to bring Atlantans a new culinary experience from the comfort of home. FeedATL creates a daily multi-course, multi-restaurant meal that customers can get delivered right to their doors, giving them the opportunity to support multiple businesses in one order.

Partner restaurants include Kimball House, The General Muir, A Mano, Ruby Chow’s, Poor Hendrix, Ton Ton, Scout, Grana, Wahoo Grill, The White Bull, AIX, Full Commission, and Watchman’s. Pop-ups include: Kamayan, Happy Seed, Three Peaches Gelato, Shamiso Foods, Kettle Black, Seoul Kitchen, and Let’s Eat.

For more details and to order, visit FeedAtl.com.

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