Governor won’t require face masks, impose restrictions despite rise in COVID-19 cases

Gov. Brian Kemp said Friday during a media briefing that he wont’ impose new restrictions or require the wearing of masks despite an increase in COVID-19 cases.

The governor, who rolled back restrictions in April that allowed businesses and restaurants to reopen despite public outrage, said Georgia  continues to “hold our own.” This contradicts reports from national health organizations that show Georgia is one one of 27 states with an increase in COVID-19 cases.

“I’m certainly not imposing new restrictions right now,” Kemp said. “I think what we have on the books has done very well for us. We’re not letting our guard down.”

Although he won’t require masks, he urged Georgians to wear them and to continue practicing social distancing measures.

According to figures from the Georgia Department of Public Health, a June 20 report showed an increase from 62,009 cases to 63,809 – 1,800 new cases in a single day. The previous largest daily increase was on April 17 with 1,525  cases.

On Tuesday, June 23, Georgia experienced the second largest increase cases with 1,750 confirmed cases.

The latest posted figures on the DPH website show that Georgia has jumped to 71,095 confirmed cases and 2,745 deaths.