The Stumpery is Trees Atlanta’s latest garden addition to the BeltLine Arboretum

Trees Atlanta has introduced the Stumpery, a new whimsical garden space within the Atlanta BeltLine Arboretum in Reynoldstown.

Located on the Eastside Trail between Kirkwood Avenue and Wylie Street, the Stumpery is a unique collection of repurposed logs and tree roots from construction sites around Atlanta.

As explained in a blog post by Rachel Bergman, one of Trees Atlanta staff dedicated to its Arboretum program, “Stumperies provide a living space for nontraditional plants, such as mosses with their vibrant color and soft textures that thrive in shady stumperies. Stumperies are curated works of art. Smooth swooping roots contrast with soft mosses, craggy stumps hide shade in their cracks while frilly fern leaves poke out to shimmer in the light.”

Stumperies also provide habitat for an extensive diversity of wildlife and mushrooms. Over the next few months, Trees Atlanta will continue to bring new life to the Stumpery with the addition of over 80 species of woodland plants and mushrooms.