Atlanta Mayor: ‘How do you get a haircut and stay a safe distance from someone cutting your bangs?’

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told CNN’s Chris Cuomo tonight that she wasn’t consulted by Gov. Brian Kemp before he announced that businesses would begin reopening on Friday, April 24.

“When I look at the data, I see our [COVID-19} numbers are going up,” Bottoms said. “The death rate is up 14 percent,  positives up 7 percent. We’re not testing for asymptomatic.”

Just hours after Kemp announced that businesses like gyms, nail shops, hair salons and bowling alleys, could start reopening on Friday, the Georgia Department of Public Health released the latest COVID-19 statistics for the state showing that 42 more people have died just since noon today bringing the death toll to 775. The total number of confirmed cases now sits at 19,399. These figures appear to fly in the face of Kemp’s comment that “favorable data” prompted his decision to allow businesses to start reopening.

“I’m perplexed that we’re opening up this way,” Bottoms said.  “I don’t see what the data is based on that’s logical.”

Bottoms said she spoke to the mayor of Augusta, the state’s second most populace city, who was also not consulted by Kemp. However, Kemp’s order is absolute and cannot be countermanded by cities or counties.

“My mother ran a beauty salon, so I understand the economic pull of this, but you have to live to be able to fight another day,” the mayor said. “If we’re not alive on the other side, there won’t be a recovery to be had. How do you get a haircut and stay a safe distance from someone cutting your bangs?”

Bottoms said has issued an administrative order directing the City’s Chief Operating Officer to convene an advisory council on the measures needed and steps to be taken in order to end the mayor’s Stay at Home Order when that time is appropriate. The advisory council will include representatives from MARTA, Atlanta Public Schools, Grady Hospital, Emory University, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and representatives from restaurants, retail, arts and culture community, the film industry and faith community among others.

  1. I agree with Keisha.

    Unless that curve takes a seriously downward spiral or that the numbers continue to go down to a point where its below 100 or less people contracting Covid 19, I wouldn’t want to ( and refuse to go until otherwise)go back to my beautician and other places that involves close social contact. Its too risky and dangerous. Covid isnt the cold,flu ..or not even TB ( which 2 out of three are life threatening) . At least with those diseases, health consultants already know what to do with them.

    I get that Georgia and the rest of the world want to regrow the economy but there is no sense doing do when most of the workers may get sick or die. My brother lost his job in September 2019 but it was a non Covid 19 issue ( the issue wasnt existing) . You would have thought that he would be saddened by his loss but he wasnt. Far as we were concerned, we seem it as a blessing in disguise. If he would have remained on his previous job..with his pre existing health problems,he probably would have died months ago because of the extreme stress of it..and possibly contracted Covid with it.

    For some families,its easy said than done as they have familial and financial responsibilities to take care of but if I was given the two, if possible, I would rather lose my job ( if they are having close contact with their workers) than my life.

    I also continue to pray for those who are dealing with this keep them protected and that the virus will be a thing of the past. Far as myself,I will continue to keep as safe as I can.

  2. I don’t understand why the governor Kemp he reopen the state, the death people still go up, more people have died just today just since noon today, I am not going to vote for you next time!!!????

  3. I want to ask, “What are we going to do?”
    The ‘we’ being us logical non politic ally tethered citizens, about the astoundingly, incompetent leadership of this country.

    If we physically revolt…protest in the streets, we’re going to end up in a civil war of sorts.

    The only, ONLY answer is PRAY to God to deliver us from these leaders and their followers! He can do it!

    I can’t believe what I’m hearing and seeing!


  4. I thought there was going to be some kind of criteria such as no new deaths or cases for 14 days or something before anything could’ve reopened???? He just went rogue & endangered divorce many people who might think they are safe!
    Where does it say how many people can be in an establishment?????
    This is crazy & dangerous!
    Not going out!

  5. Outstanding, important article to do; I was proud of our mayor–and distressed for her and for us all.

  6. Well to answer the Mayors question you could both wear a mask and clean your hands…also use some common sense if your not feeling good or have a fever and don’t go until you get better. There is no real full proof way of knowing when this will end and you could both be out of a job by then if you can’t figure some safe way of getting those bangs cut, you need to at least try…the hair stylist is reliant on you to be able to pay him or her so they can pay their bills, if you don’t have any money what good are you at that point to them? We are all financially linked together somehow whether we like it or not…your even link to the super rich in some way and they are to you. The bottom line is you can live in fear all your life that your going to die before you feel you should, but the reality is your going to die one day and will get sick somehow along the way before that end. There’s hundreds of ways to die and you can’t control them all to your advantage, some not all… You just have to use your common sense and reduce as many ways as you can and still have a good happy fulfilling life…but to totally lock up to the point your afraid to even drive to the salon is letting fear win! Could you imagine a world where we don’t have people like first responders? The ones who push through fear, use their intelligence and keep there witts about them and are there for us in our time of need, they need haircuts too they like to keep up there appearance. So if they can figure a way to be as safe as they can and still get their job done then so can two intelligent people needing each other economically to get a haircut or their nails done. I work in the airlines and I need the salon owners or their employees to go and fly its how I get paid. Right now some flights have had a few people onboard or in some cases only one or none on the flight, how long do you think that can go on before I’m out of work and can’t pay for a haircut verses food? Until this all goes away just think your way safely through this situation your faced with, whether it’s going to a grocery store or pharmacy to feed your family or yourself or to help someone elderly who needs you to do it for them, please don’t lock up push fear aside and lets don’t get into a economical depression over this we can do two things at once and save our livelihoods in the process….

  7. Kemp is lost…this man has now clue how to govern his state. It’s a sad day for Georgia when the Governor doesn’t consult his Mayor’s in a time of crisis! We the people know better…we are the ones struggling! Not everyone is prepared to return to normal especially when we the people are struggling for testing and supplies for our own safety that would allow us some comfort since we are the ones being forced to socialize. Wake up Kemp…listen to your Mayors…form the proper committees and get to work…protect your people…isn’t that why your in office!

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