Atlanta Police officer tests positive for coronavirus

An Atlanta Police officer who works in the department’s headquarters building has tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), according to a statement from the department.

Here is the statement in full:

This is the first confirmed case within our Department. APD has had ongoing cleanings by a professional decontamination company being done at our worksites throughout the City. On Friday, given this development, we made cleaning of the area where the officer worked a priority. The officer has not been to work since March 11. Commanders have spoken to the colleagues of the individual who tested positive so they are aware of the situation. It is important that the public understand that APD has a contingency plan in place, knowing that at some point it was likely the virus would affect our personnel. That plan expects a certain number of personnel, either by becoming ill or quarantining, to be affected by the virus—just as every other entity across the globe is experiencing— and places a priority on re-directing personnel to answer 9-1-1 calls as needed. There is no degradation to our ability to respond to emergencies at this time.

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