Report: Struggling ‘Shops’ to be renamed Buckhead Village, diversify tenant mix

The struggling and ridiculed mixed-use complex called The Shops Buckhead Atlanta likely will be renamed Buckhead Village – matching the old nightclub neighborhood it largely replaced – and will add more affordable and community-friendly options, the CEO of its new owner said.

Matt Bronfman, principal and CEO of Jamestown, the real estate company that bought the complex last year, discussed the plans at the Feb. 6 annual luncheon of the Buckhead Business Association, held at the 103 West event facility.

“Buckhead Village—and I am calling it Buckhead Village,” Bronfman said to loud applause as he discussed the complex. “People have gone back and forth on [the] name. I think the true name of the project should be Buckhead Village.”

Bronfman said he’d like to “wave a magic wand” and clear out many of the luxury-market tenants of the six-block complex, which runs along Peachtree Road between East Paces Ferry and Pharr roads. He said its future is more “accessible” retail with “more staples,” and will include a bookstore, a coffee shop, more greenspace and use of rooftop spaces.

“There were mistakes made in how it was done…[A] mistake in the past was thinking there was a need for, call it a Rodeo Drive in Buckhead,” Bronfman said. “…It’s not enough of a community center.”

Among the complex’s problems, he said, “is people don’t want to linger. And we want projects where people are comfortable just staying and hanging out.”

Jamestown’s track record with mega-redevelopments of Ponce City Market and the Westside Provisions District are the approaches he said he has in mind. The Buckhead vision won’t be identical, but it will have the themes of attracting foot traffic and the general public.

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  1. Yay! Ponce is a lively mix of people just enjoying the weather and the Beltline – can’t wait to see something like that in this location! Real people!

  2. This revamp is an awesome idea! I too can admit that although a very attractive shopping environment, I was simply turned off by all of the high-end retailers within the newly renamed Buckhead Village.

  3. Buckhead Village is a much easier to remember therefore a better name- moving ALL the Luxury shops out is a mistake but a more diverse mix definitely is good ! We need luxury , unique and semi- affordable like Fred Segal used to be in Santa Monica ca. , an obscure place where many can go to find truly unique things with completely going broke- do we need another William Sonoma or Sur La Table? Le Colonial is good as is Bilboquet we need nice and moderately expensive Not Stuffy ! How about a fun and trendy salon and cafe like Paul Russo ? It’s already getting a bit better there and the price fix lunch at Le Colonial is very nice ?

  4. So, when the revenue was coming in, you did not want the element in your neighborhoods or in your shops, but that same element was spending money and you did not have a problem with that. Now you are suffering and the element wants to know what are you going to do to diversify the area so that we are WELCOMED and allowed to enjoy ourselves without it being a problem?

  5. Some of us remember The Dessert Place, EVG (East Village Grill), The Steamhouse & Peachtree Cafe. (In addition to the nightclubs from way back when.
    My suggestion to Jamestown; bring in some Folks who remember when Lenox Mall was a strip mall & when Oxford Books WAS the destination. Chances are, they’ll give you some good feedback on the tenant mix & I can guarantee they’ll LOVE that you’ve scrapped the tacky Streets of Buckhead name & taken that lovely “crossroads” back to her awesome, AUTHENTIC & welcoming origins of Buckhead Village.

  6. I think a big factor is probably the lack of parking and overall access. Also, people in general in Atlanta are not into dressing, as evidenced by Lenox Square where people look like they just climbed out of bed and slept in their clothes. To them, dressing up is wearing torn jeans. Atlanta is simply not as sophisticated as other cities.

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