Editor’s Letter: My political agenda includes term limits and retaking the driving test

As the Georgia General Assembly gears up for its 155th session on Jan. 13 and we head into another contentious presidential election year, I thought about quitting as editor of INtown and running for office.

I kid, I kid. But I have considered it a few times.

I would only run on two campaign issues: setting term limits for politicians and requiring that the driving test be retaken every 10 years. I think I’d get elected in a landslide.

Do we really need politicians making a career out of it? No, we do not. Did you know that U.S. Representative Don Young of Alaska is currently serving his 24th term? He’s been in office since I was a toddler and I just turned 50!

Watching the recent impeachment hearings, it became clear to me that term limits are necessary because many members of the body obviously lost any sense of a moral or ethical compass long ago. I firmly believe the longer you’re in political office the muddier your ethics and core values become. What’s that old saying about absolute power corrupting absolutely?

Under my legislation, all seats – local, state and federal – would be capped at two terms. If you can’t get your agenda passed in four to 12 years, then you have no business in politics anyway. Get in, represent your constituents, then get out. Will that fit on a bumper sticker?

While I think many voters (except for other politicians) would get behind that legislation, my second agenda item might be a harder sell. Although, with the way folks are driving these days, maybe not.

I’ve griped and moaned about the lack of responsibility on Intown’s streets a number of times in this column, but I really believe we’re at a crisis point. People just don’t know how to drive, or maybe they don’t care, but something needs to be done. My solution: mandatory retake of the driving test every 10 years. If you’re a multiple violator of traffic laws, every five years. Senior citizens included. I will give no quarter.

On a daily basis I question the judgement of the drivers in front of and behind me. It’s beyond a lack of courtesy, but general disregard for basic traffic laws and with more and more cars on the road, there must be a reckoning. I don’t want to be a road rager, but I find myself screaming “use your @$#^%@$! turn signal” more and more often. Even with back up cameras, people still don’t know how to parallel park. Four way stops seem to mystify drivers of all ages. Yield and Keep Moving signs at interstate onramps are merely suggestions. I could go on and on and on.

Frequent mandatory driving tests would be unpopular, especially with the “ok boomer” set, millennials, Gen X and everybody else. Too bad, so sad! See, I’m already drunk with power.

I seriously doubt that I will ever seek any kind of public office. I really don’t have the temperament for it. But maybe some aspiring candidate will read this column and pick up my agenda. Call me! I’d make a great press secretary.

Happy New Year!