News Briefs: Pay raise for firefighters; e-scooter impound fees; tree ordinance meeting cancelled

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has promised city firefighters that they will receive additional raises, but how much and when remains to be seen. According to the AJC, Bottoms made the promise Tuesday during the annual Breakfast with Our Bravest, an awards and fundraising event organized by the Atlanta Fire Rescue Foundation. Firefighters received a 3.1 percent raise in the city’s 2020 budget, but that amount is far less than the 30 percent raises for police officers that go into effect in 2021.

The City of Atlanta has failed to collect more than $200,000 in impound fees from illegally parked electric scooters, according to a report at Curbed Atlanta. The Department of Public Works has impounded 3,000 e-scooters and other dockless devices since June, when the city implemented the impound fees. A public works official had no explanation for why the fees hadn’t been collected, but said the department was revising its impound fee collection process.

The City of Atlanta abruptly canceled a Nov. 7 meeting about its long-awaited Tree Protection Ordinance rewrite, saying a rethinking of the format is needed and that a new schedule will be announced later. According to Reporter Newspapers, the tree ordinance is being revised through the “Urban Ecology Framework” planning process, which was expected to deliver a final report this year. The process has been underway since early 2018.

  1. Fire fighters are our first line of defense, they deserve the same treatment as our police officers. In fact their job is more dangerous, with the rise of cancer and PTSD, that’s plaguing our Firefighters. They work more hours and spend less time with their families and loved ones. The risks out weighs the benefits of being a Firefighter in my opinion. for years for some reason they are over looked time and again, but when someone needs them, they are always professional and quick to respond no matter how bad their pay, moral, etc.. are. The City Of Atlanta, Which is the capital of Ga. should honor and respect the sacrifice the men and women of that Dept. make on a daily basis.

  2. So did the Bird Scooters just get left in impound or did the company come to retrieve them? Have their been any laws passed regadring the e-scotters as of yet?

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