New rooftop mural at Peachtree Center creates dizzying optical illusion

A new mural spanning the rooftop of Peachtree Center plaza in Downtown has become a conversation piece for occupants of the six office towers that surround it.

Created by the German street artist known only as 1010 in partnership with International Corporate Art and Living Walls, the design of “Paradigm Shift” creates an optical illusion of a tunnel opening up on the rooftop to expose a series of purple and blue ribboned walls. Photos don’t quite do it justice, but this time lapse video of the mural’s creation helps to show the depth.

1010 is well-known for his practice of creating obscure shapes underlined by amazing effects of optical illusion at locations around the world.

This is the third major art installation at Peachtree Center, which is also home to  French street artist Hopare’s “Symphony,” the Southeast’s largest public art mural along Peachtree Center Avenue,  and the suspended sculpture “Burst of Sunlight,” composed of bright yellow, paper-like material and designed by renowned Dutch artist, Peter Gentenaar.

 Peachtree Center encourages visitors to share their photos of the mural by using #ParadigmShiftATL on social media.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley is the editor of Atlanta Intown.