‘Decatur, Open for Business’ campaign now on display

The Downtown Decatur Development Authority has officially launched a campaign to promote the city as an employment center of choice for businesses seeking office space. To increase awareness, banners are now appearing throughout downtown and a new website is providing information to potential tenants.

“It’s one thing to talk about the campaign and what we want it to represent, but putting our imaging and messaging out into the community in a way that is visually dynamic is an important step in this process,” said Chris Sciarrone, Decatur DDA Chair. “We hope the community embraces these symbols and knows we are serious when we say Decatur is ‘open for business.’”

The new DDA logo featured on the banners builds on the familiarity of the city’s long-time logo – a home, school and house of worship in primary colors. The new messaging includes “A Great Place to Grow Your Business,” “Let’s Get Down to Business,” and “Business is Greater in Decatur.”

In addition to the physical signage, the DDA also launched a new web portal for businesses to find more information about Decatur. It can be accessed at this link. The DDA also launched a monthly email newsletter intended to share stories of burgeoning Decatur businesses with those outside the community.

“While we hope every potential office tenant can experience what Decatur has to offer firsthand, it was critical that we have a digital presence to allow those outside our community to learn more about what we have to offer businesses interested in incorporating or relocating in our vibrant downtown community,” Sciarrone said.

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  1. Given Decatur has spent the past fees years putting roads on “diets” by ripping out lanes while allowing denser housing, I don’t see how it is open for business. Monday and Tuesday mornings when prospective jurors report to the courthouse, getting into Decatur is a nightmare. Afternoons getting down McDonough or Candler across the railroads tracks is as bad and Commerce Drive is really a parking lot. Decatur has added bike Lanes and paths, which are nice for local residents who don’t commute out to work, but make it difficult for those commuting in.

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