Three Midtown one-way streets to revert back to two-way traffic

Courtesy Midtown Alliance

Getting around Midtown is about to become even easier for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians as three one-way streets will revert back to two-way traffic, according to a report from Midtown Alliance.

Sections of 3rd, 4th and 13th Streets will be converted from one to two-way streets after plans received final approval from the City of Atlanta. The project, which is being funded by the Midtown Improvement District, is currently out for bid, and construction could begin by early summer.

The streets in question:

  • 3rd Street: Spring Street to West Peachtree Street and Peachtree Street to Juniper Street
  • 4th Street: Spring Street to Myrtle Street
  • 13th Street: Juniper Street to Piedmont Avenue

These three streets are among the last remaining east-west conversions in the district, and they are expected to improve the efficiency of the Midtown street grid on several fronts, including creating safer conditions for people walking. Opening them up to two-way traffic will also increase access to destinations, reduce vehicle speeds, and improve circulation by providing a more intuitive street network for drivers—particularly visitors.

Work for the conversions includes milling and resurfacing, striping, signals and, in some cases, hardscaping and curb work. In order to convert the roads to two-way motor traffic, two traffic signals will be installed at 3rd and 4th streets at Peachtree Street.

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