PEDS creates tool to report electric scooter violations in the city

PEDS, the pedestrian advocacy nonprofit, has created a new online tool to help clear electric scooters that are blocking sidewalks and curb ramps.

The Atlanta City Council approved an ordinance earlier this year that bans riding the scooters on sidewalks, as well as parking them in a way that blocks sidewalks and curbs.  Despite the ban, riders are still zooming along the sidewalks are scooters are blocking walkways, laying in piles, knocked over in streets and can often be found blocking the Atlanta BeltLine trails.

PEDS new “Clear the Clutter” tool has been designed to report scooters behaving badly, according to the organization’s president and CEO, Sally Flocks. “If you see violations, snap photos and submit them,” she said.

PEDS will submit the photos and reports collected via “Clear the Clutter” to the City of Atlanta for action. Flocks said the goal is to keep sidewalks safe for walking.

To download the tool for iPhone and Android phones, visit

  1. People would rather ride them on the sidewalk than in the street where they could easily be killed. Whodathunk.

  2. Great idea! Why do they need access to my photos? Camera access should suffice.

    @Tyler Lanza, this is about people leaving them lying on the sidewalks, not about riding them there.

  3. These things need to be totally banned. What a nightmare for pedestrians, and when in the street the block traffic and create havoc!

  4. Do what they are doing in LA and Southern CA…..dump them in the trash. Get these things off the streets and sidewalks of Atlanta.

  5. My problem is they are crossing in front of me when I’m in a vehicle at a light where I have the right of way! They don’t even TRY to follow any rules.
    I drive slowly because I don’t want to be responsible for hitting someone, right or wrong!
    But the are an utter nightmare whether I’m out exercising or driving.
    There are NO REGULATIONS & NO ENFORCEMENT whatsoever..

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