Councilman introduces bill to repeal city’s noise ordinance

Atlanta City Councilman Howard Shook introduced legislation at Tuesday’s meeting that would repeal the city’s noise ordinance.

Shook said he was fed up with the city’s refusal to enforce the noise ordinance and acknowledged that his legislation was meant to get the attention of city officials.

“I’ve tried for years to understand why the police and city solicitors willfully ignore this key law, especially after they and council participated in two excruciating rewrites at their direction,” Shook said. “At the end of both exercises they swore they had what they needed-but nothing has changed.”

Howard Shook

The last straw, Shook said, is when he was told by the Police Department that a certain bar has recently generated 92 noise complaints without a single citation having been issued.

How bad is it? According to Shook, Atlanta’s noise ordinance “has all the effectiveness of mammary glands on a fish.”

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