Georgia Dome set for implosion on Nov. 20

Courtesy Georgia Dome

The Georgia Dome will be imploded on Monday, Nov. 20, at 7:30 a.m., according to media release.

With the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium on track for opening on Aug. 26, the major work of stripping and preparing the Georgia Dome for implosion will begin in earnest over the next two weeks.

The site of the Georgia Dome will become a green space known as The Home Depot Backyard, which will serve as parking and tailgating areas on game days for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United. The 13-acre site will be activated as a community space on non-game days throughout the year once complete.

“Significant progress on Mercedes-Benz Stadium is achieved every day and we’ve hit a few exciting milestones on the roof over the last week,” said Steve Cannon, chief executive officer of AMB Group, LLC. “With strong confidence, we’ve asked the contractors to move forward getting the Georgia Dome ready for implosion on Nov. 20.”

The Atlanta Falcons will host the Arizona Cardinals in an NFL preseason game at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Aug. 26 as the first major event in the new stadium.

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  1. I don’t know why the Owners of the Georgia Dome are allowing the public’s health to take a back seat to them wanting to have a party and watch something go BOOM! Under Federal NESHAP regulations all dust from a demolition has to be kept within the confines of the job site. Something that can’t happen with an implosion. Last year on a project in Canada they discovered that a as an explosive is detonated it causes in large amounts a byproduct that is a carcinogen called a Phenol. They tested the site after that implosion and just 400 pounds of explosives contaminated 4,000 tons of debris, the site, the adjacent properties, the lake next door and a canal downstream from the lake. They haven’t been been able to rebuild on the site yet if they will be at all.

    Contrary to popular opinion an implosion isn’t safer, cheaper or faster than conventional demolition. There’s been just as many stadiums/domed taken down conventionally as imploded with the same number of safety incidences. That’s just a marketing schtick.

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