Police investigating series of smash and grab robberies

police-siren1Editor’s Note: The police report originally listed the clothing store in Virginia-Highland as Urban Outfitters. We have corrected the story to show that it was actually Threadz.

The Atlanta Police were busy overnight investigating two attempted smash and grab robberies and a successful one, potentially by the same group of  suspects.

The first call was just before 5 a.m. at Threadz clothing on St. Charles Avenue in Virginia-Highland. When officers arrived, they discovered a stolen Honda Accord wrecked in front of the business. No entry was made, but the suspects had used the Honda to try and ram through the front door. Once the attempt failed, the suspects fled the location in two separate vehicles: a silver Range Rover and a blue or black Ford 150. While conducting a canvas of the crime scene, an officer discovered a cell phone possibly left behind by one of the suspects. The cell phone, while in possession of APD continued to ring. Investigators were obtaining a warrant today to identify the cell phone owner.

As officers processed the Virginia-Highland crime scene, officers received an alarm notice just before 6 a.m. at Peachtree Battle shopping center where two businesses had their glass fronts smashed with rocks. The suspects didn’t gain entry and fled in the same Ford 150 and Range Rover when security arrived.  A hat was possibly left behind by one of the suspects.

About an hour later, a third alarm notice was received from the Hidden Treasures store on Whitehall Street. This time, the suspects broke out the glass door and made off with the store’s cash register containing more than $500. Surveillance footage showed a Range Rover back up the business and a masked suspect throw a brick through the door. The suspect dropped the cash register’s keypad on the way out and police are checking for fingerprints.