City council passes affordable housing ordinance

Andre Dickens
Andre Dickens

The Atlanta City Council passed a citywide affordable housing ordinance at Monday’s meeting in an effort to provide more options for residents.

Councilmember Andre Dickens, who authored the ordinance, said in a media statement the city had worked with developers and community members to create the ordinance. With passage of the ordinance, any multi-family residential property for lease that receives a grant, incentive, or subsidy in the City of Atlanta will be obligated to adhere to the housing set asides. That means that either 10 percent of the units at 60 percent Area Median Income (AMI) and below or 15 percent of the units at 80 percent AMI and below meet the provisions of the ordinance.

“Mixed income communities have a proven track record of improving our community outcomes,” Dickens said.  “We ensured in the ordinance that the affordable housing units would be similar in construction and appearance (e.g., square footage, type and brand of appliances, materials used for countertops, flooring, etc.) to the market rate units and would not be in isolated areas in the development, but interspersed among the market rate units.”

Dickens said creation of the ordinance was a collaborative effort which included the mayor and his office, city council members, Departments of Community Development & Planning and Law, Invest Atlanta, members of the nonprofit sector and for-profit housing professionals and housing advocates.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley is the editor of Atlanta Intown.