Manuel’s Tavern to close for renovations after Christmas

photo 1By Collin Kelley

The New York Times has a great feature on Georgia State University lecturer and filmmaker Ruth Dusseault’s project to digitally archive all of the memorabilia on the walls of Manuel’s Tavern before it closes for several months of renovation. You can read it at this link. The haunt of politicos, journalists, storytellers and generations of Atlantans will have last call on Dec. 27.

The Poncey-Highland property that Manuel’s sits on was purchased by Green Street Properties, which will build a mixed-use development on the large parking lot next door to the tavern. Patrons of the 60-year-old bar, opened by former DeKalb County chief executive Manuel Maloof, worried what would happen to their beloved watering hole, but current owner Brian Maloof (Manuel’s son) said bringing the building up to code and a new kitchen were the biggest items in the plan. So, yes, all the stuff is going back on the wall.

I had lunch at Manuel’s this afternoon and had to snap a few photos of my own. I’ve been eating, drinking, watching World Cup games and election returns since I was of legal age some 25 years ago. I consider myself a regular with a regular order: Manuel’s burger medium, a cup of Brunswick stew instead of fries and cheese sticks for an appetizer. That three or four months of renovation better go fast!

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Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley is the editor of Atlanta Intown.