Mayor approves pay raises for 3,000 city employees

Mayor Kasim Reed has signed into law a 3.5 percent pay raise for nearly three thousand City of Atlanta employees today after yesterday’s city council vote.

“I am committed to addressing the compensation needs of city employees, including police and fire personnel, in a thoughtful and fiscally responsible way,” Reed said in a media statement. “The City of Atlanta is in the strongest financial position in more than a decade, and because of this financial stability, nearly three thousand of our hard-working employees will take home a paycheck that reflects their contributions and accomplishments.”

However, the pay increase wasn’t for all city employees. Sworn officers are still waiting on their increases due to ongoing litigation over pension funding. The council is expected to take up additional pay raises in August.

Reed’s statement to the media said the city has given six pay increases since 2010. The city also raised the minimum wage for city employees and today, every full-time employee earns more than $10.10 per hour.

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