Ann’s Snack Bar owner Ann Price has passed away

Ann Price (Photo Courtesy of Levett & Sons Funeral Home)
Ann Price (Photo Courtesy of Levett & Sons Funeral Home)

Ann Price, owner of Ann’s Snack Bar and creator of the famous “Ghetto Burger,” passed away on Saturday at age 72. No cause of death was given, but Gregory B. Levett and Sons Funeral Home has posted her obituary at this link.

Price, or Miss Ann as she was known to countless customers, rose to national attention in 2007 when the Wall Street Journal named the “Ghetto Burger” (a double cheeseburger with bacon, grilled onions, ketchup, mustard and chili) the best in America. Price had operated her Snack Bar on Memorial Drive since 1971.

Along with the legendary burgers, Ann’s Snack Bar was infamously known for the long wait for service and the proprietor’s rules (No cursing in the snack bar!). Since only eight people could sit at the counter at one time, the wait could be two hours or more – even for a take-out order. Miss Ann called customers in as seats opened up, and anyone trying to break that rule was given a sharp rebuke. But Miss Ann was also charming and attentive to the customers sitting at her counter and enjoying her food.

Watching Miss Ann make the burgers and fries from a seat at the counter was part theater and part throwback to an era when what is now considered “fast food” was prepared with attention to taste and detail rather than watching the clock. You might have to take a three-hour lunch break to experience Ann’s Snack Bar – and it was an experience – but it was worth the wait.

As longtime fans of Miss Ann and her burgers, we at Atlanta INtown extend our condolences to Price’s family and friends.

  1. May God bless and keep the Price family. Ms. Ann will TRULY be missed! I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with her one on one, and what an experience. I also enjoyed watching Ms. Ann while working and getting customers in order when necessary. Ms. Ann has the only business I’m aware of, where customers KNEW BETTER than to talk on phone while inside, LOL! Rest in Peace Ms. Ann.

  2. I had the chance to experience one of Ms Ann’s burgers and it was delicious. I had to cut it into 4ths just to eat it. My prayers are with her family. Know that God shall wipe your tears from your eyes and joy will come in the morning….

  3. Man I’m going to miss Miss Ann she let me take a picture of her last year with her Hamburger Birthday Cake someone sent her….she was the best burger maker EVER!! Life Well Done Rest in Heaven Miss Ann

  4. Myself and my husband were just at Ghetto Burger maybe a month ago,and missed seeing Ms. Ann in motion,I asked asked her brother where was she and he said she had a Dr.’s appt. No one will fill her shoes. We remember a time, when a customer tried to rush her,and Ms. Ann told him “Checker’s Is The Next Stop” we laughed. Ms. Ann always thanked us for coming. She was not having none of it,,,people on cell phones. We looked forward to her Famous Burgers,I would get the Ghetto burger and my uusband loved the Hood burger..Thank you Ms.Ann for being a true Original. R.I.P

    The Elder’s

  5. This is a sad day in the fast food industry. Miss Ann has been serving Atlanta for 44 years she will always be a legend. I remember going to Ann Snack over 30 years ago and has been a faithful patron ever since. May God continue to bless her entire family and give them the strength to endure at this difficult time.

  6. Aww…Man….I loved this woman’s Ghetto Burgers….She Politely cussed me out for being on my phone while trying to place my order…Then she told me “Baby come in when you’re finished” .everyone laughed and said “first time here Huh..” But I kind of Enjoyed it…Next Visit i knew better….but she was sweet other wise .

  7. I love this lady, she had rules and didn’t play, I have always been fortune to sit at bench and wait just to see ppl walk in and get cursed out, she demanded respect and got it! I hour her brother take over the buisness and carry it on! God bless the Price family and they are in my prayers, thank you Lord for letting us borrow her!

  8. Well I met Ms Ann thru David they would chat about celebrities eating there and old classic cars she owned. In between conversations she was reminding people about her twelve rules posted on the wall or curing them. I thought I was going to get hurt in the crossfire. Only to find out that was part of the ghetto burgers atmosphere and people loved it. So after initial shock I learned to love her more than her burger. I love you. CLASSY LADY RIP

  9. Ms Ann was the place back in the 80″s my boyfriend and I would come for a good luncheon and we came there cor years that will be how I’ll always remember her rest on me Ann take your sleep we loved you dearly but God saw you needed rest

  10. One of the most influential people that I’ve ever met! Ms. Anne will be missed, but never forgotten. It will be weird not seeing her there overlooking the business, organizing groceries, or simply educating customers on the history of business in Atlanta. She was a great woman and I am thankful to have briefly crossed her path!

  11. Never had a chance to meet her visited her snack bar maybe twice because of the long waits but it was well worth it she was very known all over the city RIP Ms Ann your going to be truly missed as well as the the GHETTO BURGER it will never be the same but I do hope they keep the legacy going

  12. Wow April 7, 2015 I was on my way back to the airport to catch my flight home to San Diego, California but I could not leave without the worlds famous Ghetto Burger. Mrs. Ann definitely taught good old fashioned respect to everyone who visited her establishment. I always made a point to go to Mrs Ann when I was in Georgia. RIP Mrs Ann you will be missed

  13. well I didn’t know Mrs Ann but by me listening to everyone comments I can tell that she was a beautiful person. And she did something that she love to do and that was cooking May she rest and peace God will take care of her family and give them strength in their time of need I will pray for the family

  14. well I didn’t know Mrs Ann but by me listening to everyone comments I can tell that she was a beautiful person. And she did something that she love to do and that was cooking May she rest in peace God will take care of her family and give them strength in their time of need I will pray for the family

  15. There will never be another Mrs. Ann! Me and my family was just there talking to her a few months ago and she was telling us stories making us laugh, telling us about her up and down health and cursing up a storm lol. I loved that lady she reminded of my grandmother and we all had the same last name so when her brother would ask the name for our order we would say Price and laugh. RIP Mrs. Ann. No more suffering and pain Love

  16. Condolences goes out to the family. Miss Ann’s snack bar will be long remembered as one of Atlanta’s police precincts. In the 1980 ‘s the officers thought of it as zone 6 mini precinct which police officers could finish writing reports without customers at them and food to keep them going through out the day. Yes she will be miss.

  17. Been eating those burgers since the middle 70’s.And the taste is still the same.I have so many memories about this lady and these burgers and the events inside the place that I hold dear to my heart. Thanks for the memories and great food. That spot will never be the same.RIP MRS.ANN…..

  18. I am glad that I was able to meet Me Ann in the 80s she was full of joy and knew every Atlanta officer. My sympathy is with the family and she will be truly missed

  19. Absolutely Amazing Lady. Back in the day, you couldn’t call in your order. You had to come in order, sit down, and be willing to WAIT. Ms. Ann took her time on everyou burger. My Husband and I last visited the restaurant late 2014, Although Ms. Ann was not cooking she was still there working. I Loved her demeanor, her knowledge, and she kept it real. Lord I pray for strength and understanding for her family, friends, and her customers. May Ms.Ann Rest in Peace

  20. Ms. Ann has been a steady part of my life for the last 5 or more years with me at least visiting her establishment once a month, including lunch runs for the office, which she finally allowed me to call in. Ms. Ann started out seemingly mean, but over the years, we developed a friendship and she was always kind to me and thankful for my business, especially when I came in at lunch time to pick up 10 or more burgers, thankfully she has trained her brothers well to carry on without her, I will still be a faithful, regular patron of Ann’s Snack Bar…but Ms. Ann will be missed!

  21. I remember the first time we went from work. I ordered the ghetto burger & fries not realizing how big the burger was and how many fries you get. I tried everything to finish the burger but could not had to get some foil to wrap it up and take it with me. Yes I said foil not a to go box. The next time it was me & 4 of my coworkers and my Kecia & I decided to split a burger but the guys thought they could eat the entire burger but found out something different. One of my coworkers went outside to take a phone call and propped his foot on the bench. Ms. Ann came over and asked “Why y’all friend got his foot on my furniture?” Drew got up to go tell him and Ms. Ann said “Don’t worry baby I got it.” Next thing we knew Rev was coming back in and sitting down to eat. I really wish I could experience her burgers and see her in action just one more time. Rest in Peace Ms. Ann.

  22. Love you miss Ann ,may you rest in peace I send my sincerest condolences to your family: you’ll truly be missed ????????????????

  23. Sorry for your Loss, Ms. Ann was the best Ghetto Burger maker in America. She demanded respect in her establishment and got it. Everyone Respected her values. I remember when I moved to Atlanta I wanted the best burger in Atlanta and Ms. Ann Snack shop came up. I read the reviews and had to visit. My first visit took about 2 hours back in 2007 and it was well worth it. I remember parking in the liquor store lot and she told me I needed to move my car if I wanted to be served. My reply was yes Ma’am. I moved it and got to see her in action. When new comers would come it was so funny to watch them. So I enjoyed her time here. But God needed her more. May you R.I.H. Ms. Ann you will be missed. May your family have peace and understanding. Love her Like a Mom!

  24. Miss Ann RIP it has been well deserved. My first visit to her joint was eye popping, my brother took me there for the famous Ghetto burger. Years later we took German wife who could not believe that much beef could be in one burger. We love and miss you Miss Ann. The Drew’s

  25. I was told by my niece about Miss Ann ghetto burger. I went and it was an experience that I will never forget for the rest of my life. I enjoyed the burger and french fries. The food was hot and delicious. I was full, more than I could eat. The atmosphere was profanity free, cell phone, too.RIH Miss Ann.

  26. Life is funny sometimes. I never got the chance to eat one but this past Friday myself and staff were talking about food and I brought up the infamous Lady and a well known handmade burger called the “ghetto burger”. I asked if anyone in the group had ever eaten one or been there. No one had but it sounded so good we looked the number and address up and called. Nice guy patiently gave us directions and hours and we vowed to go and have a taste and this morning I saw the news on my cell phone. WOW…WOW…WOW! R.I.P. wonderful lady now serving ” heaven burgers” in heaven…..catch you later:)

  27. I went to miss Anne with a friend and She told us how long the wait was going to be.. when she saw us still standing there she said “y’all going to wait get outside and wait”,,,and we did…I ordered a burger and A hotdog when I got in there…

  28. Rip MsAnn you will be truly missed me and my wife loved you and your bugers there is a place in heaven for the hood bugers

  29. I am saddened to hear that we have loss an enterprising pioneer. Annie Bell ( as many of us call her) has brought joy to many in a humorous manner; much like a mother hen protecting her chicks. No one would have guessed that little Annie Bell Price could have reached so many the world over with the creation of the delicious ” Ghetto Burger.”
    Her antics, laughter and savory personality will be missed, but rest assured that this landmark will continue to draw crowds from near and far to relish her memory and enjoy the burger that made her famous.
    To the Price, Peeples & Royal families continue to prosper and be blessed!!!!
    Love & Blessings Rev. Mile’ Omo Oba-Ealy

  30. rest in peace i miss you so much and.delivering your bread and god forbid i be late love you from sara lee and nature own bread vendor

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