Crosswalk enforcement operation set for BeltLine

image001On Wednesday, June 25, PEDS, metro Atlanta’s pedestrian advocacy organization, is collaborating with Atlanta BeltLine Path Force officers on a targeted crosswalk enforcement on the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail where it crosses Monroe Drive at 10th Street in Midtown.

Officers will be ticketing drivers who violate the law, which requires drivers to stop (not just yield) for pedestrians in crosswalks, even when the pedestrian is in another lane. This event serves as part of PEDS’ “Respect Pedestrians” campaign, organized after users of the BeltLine and residents who live nearby expressed safety concerns about crossing Monroe at 10th Street.


  1. I use that crossing quite a bit and don’t generally have problems with drivers when I’m crossing with the pedestrian signal. I have seen occasions where people trying to cross against the signal have run into problems. And, even though the vehicle should stop, the pedestrian is primarily at fault and, at least in my opinion, should also be given a citation.

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