Album 88 alumni offer alternative to GPB takeover

Album 88Album 88 Alumni has published a counter-proposal to keep Georgia State University’s WRAS-FM 88.5 completely student-controlled and still allows Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) to broadcast to the Atlanta metro area.

The proposal calls for an FM translator, which can be used to broadcast a separate signal on a nearby frequency, to broadcast GPB’s signal while the original frequency continues to be used in the same manner it’s been used for the last 43 years: to broadcast student-created content 24 hours a day. The proposal ha been sent to GSU president Mark Becker.

“Our proposal includes over 100 internships and other learning opportunities which we have identified with major local and national media companies. We’ve put together a plan that gives more students more chances to get real-world experience in TV media, in addition to the radio and other media opportunities already in place. We believe this proposal gives everybody what they want and need,” said Album 88 Alumni president Zach Lancaster, who continued, “GSU Students get to keep broadcasting their music on 88.5 FM and get new TV internship opportunities; Georgia State University gets to keep attracting new students with the crown jewel of college radio stations; GPB gets access to the Atlanta metro market; and the alumni who worked at WRAS can continue to point with pride to 88.5 on the FM dial.”

You can read the full proposal at this link.

In the spring, GSU announced that it had reached a deal to turn over the daytime airwaves – from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. – to GPB. The changeover is slated to begin June 29.

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