Backlash over GPB takeover of Album 88 grows

savewraslogoBacklash against Georgia State University’s secret deal to turn over the daytime airwaves of its iconic, student-run radio station Album 88 (WRAS-FM/88.5) to Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) continues to grow. Thousands of people have posted on Twitter with the hashtag #SaveWRAS and now there’s a website of the same name at

Chris Shattuck, a formed editor of GSU’s newspaper The Signal, helped launch the website and said that a petition to stop the switch is expected to reach 6,000 signatures tonight.

“We’re encouraging people to visit the website, sign the petition and use the #SaveWRAS hashtag to continue to protest and keep up with developments,” Shattuck said. “People are passionate about the radio station and they are upset by the actions of the university.”

Under the agreement, GPB would use Album 88’s 100,000 watt signal to broadcast public radio content from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m., relegating the students to evenings and overnight. Album 88 went on the air in 1971 and is world famous for being the first to play new bands, including Atlanta’s own Outkast and Indigo Girls. Students and staff at Album 88 weren’t notified of the deal with GPB until it was already complete.

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