Album 88 staff responds to GPB takeover

Album 88We reported yesterday that Georgia State University has partnered with Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) to take over the college’s iconic radio station, Album 88 (WRAS-FM/88.5), from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily with public radio offerings. Album 88 staff and management were unaware of the behind-the-scenes deal and have made their feelings known in a lengthy statement on the station’s Facebook page. Here’s part of it:

While we regret the decision greatly, know that neither WRAS staff nor management had any part of this change. Acting unilaterally as the FCC licensee, Georgia State University administration has chosen this route with stated goals of increasing listenership and generating a positive partnership between the institution and GPB. The staff of WRAS was met with surprise by this announcement for two reasons. First, up until the announcement was made this morning, WRAS staff was never of the understanding that our ratings mattered. As a college radio station, the mission of our station has never been to make the rich richer or to give airtime to mainstream music. This being true, we have never been concerned about ratings nor were we aware that the administration was until this morning. Our interests, instead, were delivering quality and diverse music to our listeners and supplying an alternative to mainstream radio.

Public reaction to the change has been mostly negative, especially in light of the fact that GSU’s deal for the powerful 100,000 watt station amounts to only $150,000. More than 1,000 people have already signed a petition at to stop the switch. Album 88 staffers are also encouraging fans to contact GPB to voice their opinion on the move.

There’s also a new Boycott GPB on 88.5 Facebook page that has sprung up and already has more than 2,000 likes.

  1. Time to organize. Corporations only respond to a hit in the pocketbook. Alums need to make it clear donations will stop. We need a list of the major corporate sponsors of GPB let the sponsors know this move will result in lost business to them. Contact the all the board members of the Georgia telecomunications comission let them know you and everyone you can tell will not support them until this is ended. Since the will offer NPR programing contact them and their corporate sponsors as well.

  2. I am boycotting GPB period and telling them so! I am also writing the president of the college.
    There are alot of fans out here, older folks and families who have been listening to WRAS for decades. The student Djs and shows become part of our family and lives. We call them and thank them and make requests and look forward to hearing their shows on the radio. We tune in. And we learn about all kinds of wonderful music from all kinds of artists all over the world. WRAS is the best thing about Atlanta. I speak as a Mom whose family has been listening since the 90’s. AND what ABOUT CHARM SCHOOL!

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