Midtown Ponce Security Alliance calls for tougher prostitution laws

The Midtown Ponce Security  Alliance (MPSA), a nonprofit made up of Midtown residents who oversee neighborhood patrols by off-duty police officers, is turning to the Georgia Legislature for tougher laws to prevent prostitution.

In a post on their website, the MPSA says it will “seek some sponsors for neighborhood-supportive legislation.” The organization is approaching legislators looking for sponsorship for a law it has dubbed “aggravated prostitution.” According to the post, “This form of prostitution would be defined along the lines of prostitution in a residential area (we will suggest “within 500 feet of a window or door of any dwelling”), and work to have that designated a felony punishable up to five years incarceration.”

The MPSA said prostitutes are perpetrating other criminal activity in the area and endangering residents. Read more about the legislation proposal at the MPSA website.

  1. Always the same direction: more laws, tougher laws, more police, more enforcement, more prisoners. How about we legalize it, allow brothels in certain areas, and freeing up our police to fight actual crimes? It’s sex and it’s never ever going to be eliminated.

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