Juice you can chew: Chuice is raw food in a bottle

By Sydia Bell

This isn’t the juice you serve at breakfast, nor can it be classified as a smoothie. This container is filled with Chuice – raw food in bottle. Yes, there is juice, but you’ll have to chew it up, too.

“People usually look at it and step back,” laughs Chuice founder Ladell Hill, “but once they taste it, they realize they like it. They can feel it.”

What they are feeling is the replenishment a body needs when beginning to run efficiently again. With a back to basic approach Hill, who has an extensive background as an herbalist, fitness trainer and molecular health specialist, has cultivated a product that serves as a full raw food meal in a bottle. Combining over 45 enzymes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, Hill says the results are a slowing of the aging process.

How is that possible?

Between the ages of 27 and 35 our body’s production of enzymes begins to decline. Those enzymes are necessary in creating an environment that allows all organs, digestive and immune systems to work properly. If not replaced, digestive issues, illness and premature ageing set in.

The intake of nutrient-dense ingredients found in Chuice, including kiwi, kale, flaxseeds, apples, carrots, walnuts and sunflowers seeds, gives a body everything it needs to sustain itself.  “When you figure out what the body requires, that is when you begin to slow down the aging process,” Hill says.

Hill credits his curiosity and development of Chuice to his Native American grandfather, a man who lived off the land his entire life. Hill’s upbringing led him to study what plants can provide the human body.

The are currently two flavors of Chuice: The Forest, which cleanses internal organs, and The River of Life, which balances the blood’s pH levels. Chuice is available at Highland Bakery, in many local health food stores and will be on the shelves of Whole Foods this month.

For more about Chuice, visit tasteofearth.net.

  1. Congratulations, Ladell on another amazing creation. Chuice…even the name sounds delicious. Can’t wait to share this new information with my friends on Facebook.

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