Organizing: Too Much Stuff, Not Enough Time

By Gigi K. Miller

Too much stuff, not enough time? People today have more space, more stuff, and less time than ever before. But how does the way you manage your time affect your health?

Clutter is clutter (whether it is physical or mental) and it does affect your health in so many ways. The stress caused by living with clutter can affect your diet, exercise routine (or lack of one), sleeping patterns, and relationships (both personal and professional).

If you have no control over your time, than how can you expect to have any over our health. If you feel overwhelmed, overworked, and overcommitted; then it is time to make some serious changes in how you view and manage your time.

First, it is important to understand what time management means. Rather than viewing time management as checking off tasks on your “to do list,” think of it as managing your life in the most effective manner possible. And the emphasis should be on the word life. In other words, focus on the really important things, the ones that can truly make a difference in your life and toss out the clutter. An overcrowded schedule is just like an overstuffed closet; it is difficult to find what you need quickly and there is no room for the unexpected.

What is the secret to managing your life in the most effective manner possible? It takes commitment, practice, patience and using my tips below.

My Tips for Managing Your Time and Life

  • Calendar: Paper or electronic – just have one.
  • Schedule: Always schedule time in your calendar to complete your “to do” list items. The list is just a reminder; you have to schedule time to actually complete the task.
  • Evaluate: Find out where your time is really going by tracking it for at least three days.
  • Prioritize: Choose three high priority tasks a day to work on. If you finish them, go on to the next task on your “to do” list.
  • Avoid procrastination: Break tasks into smaller parts and create deadlines for yourself.
  • Stay on task: Use a timer and/or phone alarm to keep you on task. Sometimes a simple phone call turns into an hour-long discussion.

Gigi K. Miller is a professional organizer and founder of Vision Organizing. Visit her website at or like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter at @organizer.

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