Decatur implements Smart911

Decatur has implemented the national safety database Smart911 to improve 911 services for residents and business owners. Smart911 allows residents to create a safety profile of vital personal and household data, including household members, photos, medications or medical conditions and even pets, which will be displayed to 911 call takers immediately when a resident places an emergency call.

This safety profile provides more extensive information than is currently available on incoming calls and can contain the specific details that first responders can use to save lives.

Decatur Fire Chief Toni Dixon notes that Smart911 enhances communication with residents and also assists in locating them. “Knowing who is living in the house, the medications they may be taking, and even pets that may be in the residence allows us to respond to emergencies much more effectively,” she said.

“In times of duress it can be difficult for a resident to provide us with all the information we could use. Now, if they have a Smart911 profile, that information will be available immediately.”

Smart911 is a free service available to all residents and business owners and is private and secure. Safety profiles can be created through the Smart911 website, The service has the added benefit of being a National Safety Database, giving residents the ability to have their information travel with them. While they may create their profile in their hometown, if they dial 911 anywhere in the country where the Smart911 service is active, their profile will be available to 911 call takers.

Smart911 has been rapidly adopted over the last year and is now being used in more than 20 states, protecting more than five million participants.

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