Intown Runaround: Hoop Dreaming

Elliott SullivanBy Tim Sullivan

Cabbagetown resident Elliott Sullivan plays point guard for the Tiger Sharks in the Kitten Division of the St. Paul UMC Basketball League in Grant Park. He took a few minutes out of his busy schedule to chat with his number one fan.

The St. Paul UMC program lists you at 3 ½ years old, 3 ½ feet tall and 3 ½ stone in weight.  Can we trust these figures?

Have they standardized the stone yet? Listing me anywhere north of 40 pounds would be an innocent exaggeration (as many athletic programs are wont to do.) Perhaps if I were in soaking wet clothes and cradling a newborn babe before stepping on the scale. Ha!

You enjoy the league play but some folks argue that kids start in organized sports too young nowadays. Your thoughts?

Let me backtrack a second and say that I truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with Atlanta INtown, thank you. And your point is well taken but the fact of the matter is that my body is telling me I can do these things.  I can run and dribble. I can pass and shoot.  So why not?  Right?  Are you going to eat those Cheez-its?

I think those who have concerns with it may be considering the emotional and developmental fragilities of the tender-aged set more than the physical.

I’m not saying there aren’t some tears out there. There are.  But that’s just part of the game. Watch any NBA lately?  Bunch of crybabies in that league!  One kid on my team, Jacob, slipped and fell a couple of weeks ago resulting in a nasty shiner and he didn’t even leave the game. Then again, he is 5.

Well, not to bring up a sore topic but I seem to remember a certain someone having a tough time with soccer this past Fall…

Listen, I was much younger then and besides, I consider the shin guard rule to be fascist.

Fair enough. How do you feel the season is going for the Tiger Sharks?

You know, I find it cute that they choose not to “keep score” but it is clear that the Tiger Sharks have won every game.  We have a balanced scoring attack that the other teams don’t know how to handle. We have one kid named Gavin who can practically dunk. (Editor’s note: 5 foot hoops)

What about the Blue Team? That kid Marcus was pretty darn good, wasn’t he?

He’s a nice player for sure but Coach Mike has us conditioned to play hard-nosed defense all 20 running minutes of the game. We switched it up on Marcus – a little triangle and one, a little hands up, four-man line. Marcus started taunting one of his own teammates and their point guard bit their center.

What’s your favorite part of the playing in the St. Paul league? (

That would have to be the post-game snack. It’s a chance for us to mingle with our fans a little and sample whatever goodies the assigned family has brought that week. My buddy Ravi and I like to run around the cafeteria and just act like kids for a while.

Any predictions for March Madness?

I like the BYU Cougars.  Have you seen this Jimmer Fredette kid shoot the ball?  He can play 2-guard on my team any day if he’s not a biter.

Tim SullivanTim Sullivan heads up the Cabbagetown Running Club and is a Buckhead business owner. Look for his column every month and visit his blog at

  1. As an avid Tiger Shark fan, I appreciated this enlightening look into the life of one of the players. Those guys are definitely poised to really rule the court next season! Great interview. Go Tiger Sharks! #1 Fan (um…and Daniel’s mom…)

  2. Tim, I have never read the Atlanta Intown before, but I randomly picked it up and read your article “Hoop Dreaming” this morning on my way out. I thought it was hilarious. After I made the connection that Elliot was your son, I was ticked even more. Although I am not a father, nor will I be anytime soon, I think its awesome you are able to have so much fun with your kids and provide as a business owner as well. I will subscribe to your blog here as I’m not sure when I’d ever pick up another Intown magazine at random. Thanks for the early smiles, take care and let Elliot know that although there is no documented cases of Fredette being a biter, some of his fans may be… .

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