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image001By Tim Sullivan

Grant Park resident John Wald Fetner is a 62-year-old father of six, an advertising executive and a marathoner with an all-star mustache.  John ran his first marathon in 2005…and is improving!

How many marathons have you run now and what is your PR (personal record)?

Twenty-seven marathons and five triathlons. PR was a 3:41 in the Museum of Aviation Marathon in Warner Robbins last year.

Men half your age are envious of your marathon times and your hair.  Do you use conditioner?

Lots of quick showers with very little soap and shampoo.

When did you have your joints replaced with rubber bands?

My weight is 145, same as the day I married Beverly Ann Burd in 1977!

Favorite race?

Short of marching through the Gates of Heaven there is nothing that can equal the Boston Marathon! The crowd – one to two million! – pulled me to the top of Heartbreak Hill at Boston College…

Woot Woot! Go Eagles! You were saying?

…where I heard a roar. Team Hoyt was next to me – the Ironman who pushes his adult son with MS in a wheelchair. Only a father’s love could give a man that kind of strength.

Advice for a younger runner who hopes to one day dominate the 60+ers?

Fall in love, get married, raise a family. Stay healthy and join a local running group.

Already got all of those things underway… When should I think about growing that mustache?

Marathoners think long term. Don’t do anything that can break a marriage or a career.

Tim Sullivan heads up the Cabbagetown Running Club and is a Buckhead business owner. Visit his blog at

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