INtown Runaround: Marriage on the Run

Malissa and Jeff PiersolEditor’s Note: This month we welcome Tim Sullivan’s new fitness column, INtown Runaround, which will highlight a local athelete(s) and his or her running or workout regimen. As head of the Cabbagetown Running Club, Sullivan’s Q&As will offer practical advice for those looking to get in shape.

By Tim Sullivan

On Sunday mornings, Woodland Hills couple Jeff and Malissa Piersol organize a long run from Joe’s coffee shop in East Atlanta.  Tuesday evenings they lead a track workout on Georgia Avenue in Grant Park.  Thursday nights are spent trekking with the Cabbagetown Running Club followed by a beer or two.  Gassed yet?  That’s just a warm-up for Jeff, 54, and Malissa, 53.

TS:  Drumroll please…what is the household marathon tally?

JP:  Sixty-six plus Malissa’s 21 Ironman Triathlons

TS:  Yikes!  Just typing that number gives me blisters. Jeff, you are a former DJ and I know you guys love your rock and roll.   If you could have one band accompany you for a marathon…

MP:  The Rolling Stones.  I always thought it would be really hot to have them sponsor me in triathlons so I could have the tongue logo on my bike saddle.

TS:  I’m on the case. Atlanta INtown has tremendous pull and I hear Keith Richards is a real fitness buff these days. What takes up more room in the house? Awards or music collection?

JP:  Music collection.  We have 3,500 CDS, 600 albums. But if we lined up all of her awards…

TS:  Best neighborhood for a hill workout?

JP:  Grant Park and East Atlanta have some hidden gems.

TS:  Your running partners probably wish they would stay hidden. Nagging injury you’d love to kick to the curb?

MP:  Arthritic knee with bone fragments and no cartilage

JP:  Sciatic nerve

TS:  I’m not judging but I think Malissa’s injury kicks Jeff’s injury’s butt.  How do you reward yourself after a big race?

MP:  Banana split Blizzard

JP:  Really big breakfast, then a Blizzard

TS:  Really?  Had you pegged as a couple of Hot Tubbers.

MP/JP:  Oh, that too.

Tim Sullivan heads up the Cabbagetown Running Club and is a Buckhead business owner. Visit his blog at

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