What’s Good: King of Pops

What's Good log0By Elijah Kirkland-Andrews

Across the street from Videodrome in the parking lot of Buddy’s (corner of North Avenue and North Highland) is a small pushcart, which is home to King of Pops.This newcomer to the Atlanta frozen treat scene offers popsicles in unique flavors that never disappoint.

The man behind the operation, Steven Carse, posts daily Twitter updates (www.twitter.com/thekingofpops) on the flavors of the day. The flavor list is so varied that it’s easy to find a new favorite every visit. My favorite popsicles are the cantaloupe basil, banana pudding and white chocolate with raspberry on top.

In the Cantaloupe Basil, the sweetness of the cantaloupe really sings with the contrast of the basil. The Banana Pudding has actual pieces of banana and Nilla wafer in them. It’s reminiscent of the Banana Pudding ice cream that used to be at Hank’s across from the zoo. The White Chocolate with raspberry on top is a little hard to eat because it’s hard to decide if you should eat the tart raspberry top or risk popsicle stability and have a taste of the creamy white chocolate base. The taste however, is excellent.

Elijah AndrewsI will definitely have more popsicles, because King of Pops is an enjoyable summer treat. Visit the King of Pops website at www.kingofpops.net. If you can’t get to the cart in Poncey-Highland, you can also buy them at Souper Jenny in Buckhead and Irwin Street Market in Inman Park.