What’s Good: The Yogurt Tap

What's Good log0By Elijah Kirkland-Andrews

One of my favorite things to do with my friends is eat, namely dessert. On many a warm night (and many a cold night also), I like to go out for some frozen yogurt. Yoforia is the first popular yogurt place in Atlanta in recent times. The yogurt is fresh and flavorful, and retains a yogurt-y bite that can be missing in other frozen yogurts. Some people like odd combinations like green tea yogurt with chocolate chips and Cap’n Crunch, but I like the original yogurt–which has hints of lemon topped off with berries, mango and mochi – a squishy Japanese rice candy.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much else for a teenager to do near Yoforia, so now we also go to The Yogurt Tap in Decatur Square. In contrast to Yoforia where your yogurt and topping are put together by the clerk for a set price, at The Yogurt Tap you fix it yourself. First you get a large container and fill it with as much of the 6 rotating yogurt flavors that you want. Then you pick your toppings from a vast selection such as Nutella or brownies. Finally you pay for your creation by how much it weighs in ounces.

Elijah AndrewsBoth places are delicious in different ways, but The Yogurt Tap is especially delicious for my wallet because I can make a cheaper yogurt myself than Yoforia’s set price. The Yogurt Tap is located at 419, Church St. in Decatur. www.theyogurttap.com.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley is the editor of Atlanta Intown.