Real Housewives of Atlanta: Having their cake

By Brigette Flood and Sandy M. Tyler

Seemed kind of like an “odds and ends” episode last night, didn’t it? Kind of like Bravo is beginning to wrap up the season and had a lot of unused footage to get to. Since Cynthia and Peter’s 1st Anniversary Party wasn’t the season finale like their wedding was last year, we got to see the fall-out from Cynthia’s family’s behavior first-hand. Granted, we do think Mal had one -and probably two- too many at the party, which only fueled her freak-out. But it never ceases to amaze us that Peter seems arrogantly unaware of how much he pushes Malorie’s buttons, which is never going to win him any points with the women in Cynthia’s family. Not that he seems to care.

Later, Malorie goes to visit Cynthia at The Bailey Agency School of Fashion. We’re reminding you of this plot point with the complete name, since naming the place, putting together a chair in the space and having one poorly planned party there, seems to be the extent of the agency’s activity this season. Mal has stopped by to apologize for her bad behavior and seems to be taking Kithe’s advice to let go and let Cynthia lead her own life, whatever that means for her future. Cynthia, understandably defensive, tries to push back by alluding to issues in Malorie’s own marriage instead of letting her sister clear the air. Malorie is heading for France where her husband plays ball, and hopefully some time apart will get them out of their sisterly rut of rehashing the same issues over and over again. But nothing will get better until Peter and Malorie accept the fact that they’re in the same family now, and it’s time to declare a lasting truce.

Kandi makes the big drive up to Kim’s McMansion to clear the air about who said what about Kim holding a black baby, going to South Africa, enjoying South Africa, visiting an orphanage in Africa, blessing the rains down in Africa … ya know, the whole gamut of things Kim could or could not have done in South Africa. In the end Kim and Kandi decide they want to recapture the magic of their friendship before Africa, actually even before Kroy and Kroy Junior. Peace and love have been restored, but we doubt they’ll ever make beautiful music together again. And if you’ve heard Kim’s new single, “Love Me First”, you know exactly what we mean.

NeNe and her cleavage went to see her divorce lawyer. (Seriously, does NeNe ever wear a bra? How does she do it – magical, double-stick tape?!) Now that NeNe is close to ending her marriage of 15 years, she’s not so sure she wants to make things official. And though she doesn’t plan to sit around the house feeling sorry for herself, perhaps seeing the slim-pickings out there for single ladies of a certain age is causing her to pause.

Later NeNe goes to see a therapist to talk through her decision-making. She and Gregg still love each other, but NeNe’s just not sure she can find true happiness with him. The therapist reminds her that she might not be able to “have her cake and eat it too,” in other words, get a divorce and still have Gregg as a friend and someone to lean on. Growth is good but is she really ready to move away from Gregg once and for all? She decides to think things through a little more before she signs on the dotted line.

Shereé goes to see her daughter Tierra this week since boyfriend Damon has been hinting that a ring may be in Tierra’s future. Though Shereé seems genuinely happy for her daughter, she cautions Tierra to make sure her finances are in order and encourages her to keep a separate bank account even after tying the knot. Granted, Shereé has recently been through a horrible, contentious divorce, but maybe someone who prefers expensive car leases and handbags to savings and actual – not fantasy – home ownership should look inward before offering financial advice?

Cut to Shereé, and her Range Rover, meeting Damon on the loudest patio in Midtown to talk about his impending proposal. Though Shereé at least takes the time to make sure Damon is committed to his relationship with Tierra and wanting to propose for all of the right reasons, she also wants to make sure he buys a big enough ring, as in one that’s at least 3 carats. Shereé is also happy to help with the shopping, but with her request for a ring that size, Damon probably needs help with the paying too! Maybe Shereé’s opinion that husbands are mainly commodities is why Damon checked in with Bob Whitfield before talking to Tierra’s mom. Damon, take our advice. It’s time to elope.

Things were somewhat hectic in the neighborhood of Mount Olympus, as Apollo was a guest speaker at a Mason’s breakfast. We think it’s a good thing Apollo has the immortality of a God, after watching him read his speech and drive at the same time. Then Phaedra arrives and quickly pulls her chariot into a handicapped spot. What … the?! Thank the Gods, she knows people in high places. Apollo seems to entertain and do a great job with his speech, and Phaedra is understandably proud. Now onto celebrate in the land of Poseidon.

That’s right, it’s baby prince Ayden’s first birthday so Phaedra and Apollo throw a birthday party fit for a king at a water park in Gainesville. Why they chose a location 60 miles away is Greek to us. Maybe Gainesville’s where Dwight’s been hiding, because we haven’t seen him much, if at all, this season. Phaedra’s resurrected and enlisted Dwight as number 1 of 4 party planners. Which seems like overkill until we see that equals 1 planner for every 3 cakes presented at the party. Yes, you read that correctly. Baby Ayden got one cake for each month of his brief baby life and each created by a different Atlanta bakery. Shereé is the only housewife who manages to make it to the Dionysian event. She was hoping to be rewarded with some wine, but the party offered only divine non-adult beverages.

Speaking of divine, Kandi is keeping things country crunk with her Jo Dee Messina collaboration. We initially see Kandi practicing her song “If Money Grows on Trees” at Lil’ Ronnie’s house. If it does, those trees must be growing in Lil’ Ronnie’s yard because Lil’ Ronnie has a big ole manse of his own! The two then road-trip up to Jo Dee’s recording studio in Nashville with Lil’ Ronnie’s friend, Bishop – aka: their entourage. It’s fun to watch the collaboration between R&B and Country in action and see Kandi and Jo Dee compare recording styles. Country musicians sing and record the full song with a full band in the studio. Kandi usually nails the lyrics and then layers the other components. Yeehaw, baby girl, who knew we’d actually learn something in a RHOA episode?!

Later, to Kandi’s surprise, she and Jo Dee perform their new song at The Bluebird Café, world-famous for showcasing singer-songwriters. This season we watched Kandi create the idea of a country music collaboration and then make it happen with one of the most established country music artists in the world. It’s a particularly sweet success for Kandi. She proves her Momma Joyce’s motto, “If you can conceive the thought, you can make it happen.” Delightful.

We also saw Marlo fess up to Lawrence that she did drop the f-bomb in South Africa. Perhaps this was meant as a PSA promoting Marlo’s Gay Apology Tour because it seemed to have been filmed way after the fact. Hopefully, Marlo DID pick up a little present for Lawrence at Neiman’s. He certainly deserves something for being a willing participant in all of the ongoing Housewife craziness.

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  1. It is sad that Cynthia does not SEE what type of individual her husband Peter is. He is not a likeable individual nor is he a people person. He communicates with her in a controlling manner that is emabrrasing to watch.She is his personal piggy bank and does not have a problem repeating the mooching with his hands out like cups! Cynthis is a beautiful graceful classy woman and frankly don’t understand what she sees in her mean sprited husband! I get it and so does Malorie!!

    Phaedra,give ALL of it a break!!!!!!!!!!!!

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