Remain In Light: Collin Kelley’s mystery novel filled with intrigue

By Wendy Binns

Vanilla Heart Publishing will release Collin Kelley’s new novel, Remain In Light, in eBook format today (Oct. 1). Those waiting for the print edition will have to wait until January, but if you own an eReader, smart phone or read books on your computer, this one is sure to keep you up late into the night as the tension and mystery builds.

So what’s it about?

In 1968, Irène Laureux’s husband was murdered during the Paris student and worker riots. Thirty years later, she is still on the hunt for the man who knows how and why Jean-Louis died – his secret lover, Frederick Dubois. Irène is aided in her search by American expat writer Martin Paige, who discovers that Jean-Louis’ disappearance is tied to stolen identities, police corruption, long-hidden government secrets and a shocking connection to his own past.

Kelley, who is the longtime editor of Atlanta INtown, said Vanilla Heart decided to publish the eBook first after sales of his first novel, Conquering Venus, were largely in the electronic format.

“Many publishers are trying new strategies these days and releasing the eBook first – or in some cases only an eBook version – is indicative of how quickly publishing is changing,” Kelley said. “I hope those who love a good mystery, will take the plunge and download it.”

To find out more about Remain In Light, read sample chapters and find out more, visit The novel is available for download now at AmazonSmashwords and other eBook retailers. Watch the book trailer below.

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